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Stop learning framework after framework

Frameworks are awesome, and Javascript has a ton of them, both for frontend and for backend. They make life a lot simpler – sometimes.

But sometimes, the learning curve of learning a framework is simply not worth the effort.

Frameworkless.js is a tutorial series to help get you up and running with your own awesome app built almost entirely from Node.js and plain, vanilla javascript.

What frameworkless.js covers

  • An HTTP server using Node's own http module
  • Routing and templating
  • Using plain SQL instead of ORMs, and how to work it safely
  • Forms – not always needing Ajax!
  • Frontend assets – how to set up CSS and Javascript pre-processors
  • Does your frontend really need a framework to be "reactive"?
  • Finishing touches: Gzip, Pjax, and more
  • Writing tests with Node.js's `assert` library


We are going to build a real live app together. Seriously.

No fake assignments like incrementing counters with a click of a button. We're going to gradually build, from start to finish, a whole app.

Who is this course for?

You should have some basic Javascript knowledge. CSS and HTML are obviously a plus. The course will be a series of videos in english, but I'm not Shakespeare – if you can read this page, you will be able to understand my videos even if English is your second (or third or fourth or nth) language.

What does it cost?

The base material will be free, for everyone, forever.

I will probably add some more advanced paid tutorials, however.

About the author

I'm @fiiv (aka Mike Timofiiv) and I've been a web developer, coding teacher and indie maker for almost 10 years. I'm mostly using Javascript these days, and I'd love to teach you what I know about building safe, smart apps!

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